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Community impact is our commitment to embracing sustainability

From the rocky mountains to the Andes, in the middle of its valleys where our wheat and exotic tropical fruits grow organically and naturally in virgin and fertile lands. The development of our products has been supported by the harmonic commitment between the alliance of our indigenous people and farmers. As a result, it generates a new super product with unforgettable moments of reunion between friends and family.

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Equipo de trabajo
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Our brands

Our Canadian brand.
Delicious cakes, cookies and healthy products for everyone to enjoy anytime


Las Onces de Tita is a leading cakes and cookies Colombian brand.


Muffins, cakes and cookies for local stores


Exotic Dried Fruits & Chocolate Covered Fruits


Corporate Social Responsibility

Community impact by helping native communities with social support programs.

Our commitment is to transfer the knowledge of the different ways of adopting sustainability, from the agricultural operations to our community.

Pandemic Food Response and Donations
We donate food to those most in need, during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Laa Boucherie clients always look beyond our brand considering the innovative ways of sustainability of our entire value chain.

✅ LAA BOUCHERIE adopts sustainability as the engine of value creation.

✅ LAAB customers always look beyond our brands considering the innovative way of sustainability of our full value chain.

✅ Position our purpose-led brands for balance growth is our goal. Sustainability is a differentiating factor that drives growth.

✅ We prefer to invest in sustainable practices that drive efficiency. Our products create less waste and emissions, and last longer, lowering costs and making sustainability more affordable and transferable for consumers.

Create a permanent value; we do not just avoid harm. Our sustainability mentality focused on reducing negative impacts. However, a more regenerative mindset actively creates value. The key is about designing new products, whit in a business model that can profitably serve local and overseas people and our planet as part of a circular economy in our own scale.

1. Laa Boucherie takes an integrated view, acting on what is important to our business.

In all our product lines, we prioritize diversity, inclusion, inequality, labor practices, health and safety, and woman in charge of main projects.

Our team not only makes sustainability part of your company culture but also integrates it into decision-making so everyone works toward a common goal.

2. We are unique in what we do and we can prove it.

Laa Boucherie is a transparent company, so people can see what is behind our products and how we really do business.

This is how we lead the local market and build trust among consumers who have seen our brands to be transparent about their environmental impact. This way demonstrating progress and leveraging technology to provide transparency and traceability to consumers.

3. Laa Boucherie drive a positive impact across the value chain.

We look beyond our immediate activities. We are committed to the impact our products and partners have throughout the product lifecycle. From labor practices at the farm that supplies us to our final consumer. Technology-enabled transparency can measure and improve more sustainable activities.

4. After Pandemic times, Laa Boucherie Re-design its operating model for sustainable execution, then we built it fast.

This is not just about reducing cost. Laa Boucherie is creating the flexibility needed across all your operations to meet and shape evolving consumer expectations around sustainability. Costumers will be willing to pay a decent for products that ensure safe and inclusive labor conditions and fair employee pay.

Laa Boucherie takes into account the dynamic ecosystems that foster profitable agility. Our organization relies on data and analytics for real-time decision-making. Allowing the flexibility of talent reinvents the way people do their jobs. We promote an innovation platform that fosters ideas that can scale and enduring purpose that drives all decisions and activities.

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